Alan Peat Sentence Types

2 May

Last week we gave you a ‘Heads-Up’ on what we would cover this week in class.

Alan Peat sentence types have been a focus this week in storywriting. Here are some resources that might come in handy :

Sentence Types used in SODA and English

Sentences Powerpoint




Egypt Homework – Spring Term

2 May

Wow! We really have had some excellent work handed in for our Egypt Topic. Take a look and tell us what you think by adding a comment.

egypt homework pic 4 egypt homework pic 2 egypt homework pic 3

New School Website

24 Apr

website frontpage

Please click the picture to go straight there.

As this term goes on, there will be more added.

The Class Pages will grow, as will the information for Parents.

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

4 Apr

Here’s the link for the children’s Interactive website . Some cool Egyptian content!



Year 4 INSPIRE Grammar Workshop March 2013

9 Mar

What an amazing response from parents! About half the yeargroup were represented on Friday morning to learn about sentences. With the advent of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test this May for Year 6, Grammar is taking a far more important place in English Writing. Parents Information prepared by the Government can be found here (Parents%20Leaflet%20-%20Grammar%20punctuation%20and%20spelling%20test%2015%20Nov%202012), and here is a sample test for Parents from The Guardian.

Here are the resources that were used in the workshop:

– the opening test (Literacy_1_Starter_Worksheet[1])

– the Powerpoint presentation used in the hall and classroom (Exciting_Sentences 080313)

– the list of subject/verb sentences that can be turned into complex sentences(extendable_sentences[1])

– a very handy list of grammar words and their meanings, especially if you have forgotten them (Grammar_terms[1])

– the ‘Sentence Trick’ booklet shared with parents who attended(Sentence trick), which we use in SODA on Mondays.

We did not hand out any evaluation forms on the morning,

but feel free to add a comment at the bottom of this post.

So, if you need something to do, be like Shaggy and make a sandwich(out of words)!


Click the pic

Spellings wc 5th November

6 Nov

Blue         Green         Yellow        Red

to                          hope                         salary               missionary

we                        hopeful                  primary              stationary

go                           pain                      summary          dictionary

will                      painful                     solitary           revolutionary

old                        hate                      secretary              secretary

said                   hateful                   secondary            necessary

can                     wish                        metallic             anniversary

little                wishful                     horrific                    library

into                   forget                    organic                  temporary

too                   forgetful                supersonic             February

Research your House Saint

29 Oct

Research your house saint for Thursday’s Thematic Lesson!